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      Digital Health Champions: Sophie Chung And The Vision Behind Junomedical

      In a series of interviews with founders and innovation champions, we will provide exclusive insights into the emerging domain of Digital Health. First is Sophie Chung, founder of Junomedical. Junomedical is a Berlin-based digital medical travel hub that provides patients around the world with access to affordable healthcare. Their vision is to transform how patients

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      Incubators for Digital Health Startups

      5 Things Digital Health Startups Need to Know Before Entering an Incubator

      More and more emerging companies are relying on business incubators to develop themselves and achieve the desired success in a saturated market. Without them, many small digital health startups would not have the means to grow and to break into the market – despite their great potential. Incubators offer the necessary services, funds, office space, training

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