Digital Health Startup Incubators in Europe

10 of the Most Important Digital Health Incubators in Europe

Speaking of digital health incubators, the names of industry pioneers like RockHealth and other US players pop into our minds without much prompting, but on a regional or local scale, which are the most important European incubator/accelerator programmes?

Small European startups may seek development and growth support through an acceleration program but their CEOs might not even know what the best and most reliable companies in our continent are to contact. Fortunately, when it comes to digital health incubators, Europe can boast a substantial landscape today.

Here’s the guide to the 10 most important startup support programmes in Europe in the area of digital health.

Digital Health Incubators in Europe


XLHealth Incubator Digital Health digital health incubators Europe


XLHealth is a venture capital investor in startups specializing in the digital healthcare industry. Its mission is to improve human health investing in selected companies. With its Digital Health Made in Germany, XLHealth seeks to find the best solutions for health problems through technology and innovation. Thanks to a great network, clever experts and partners, business support and office space, it contributes to the preservation and improvement of human health as one of the pioneers among digital health incubators in Europe.


Digital Health Incubator Europe


With its European branch based in London, Healthbox offers acceleration programs for digital health companies through its Healthbox Studios and Healthbox Foundry projects. The first one acquires no initial investment exchange of equity and offers an 8-week program which includes guidance, exposure to smart capital and growth. The second project aims to commercialize products building a culture of innovation and it is directed mostly to already well-established companies.


Digital Health Incubator Spain Moebio


Moebio one of the most impressive accelerator in Europe. With its d-Health program based in Barcelona, it trains innovators in the healthcare industry, accelerates startups and incorporates new products and services in the health system. Moebio combines the areas of life science, health, business, technology and design to accelerate entrepreneurship in healthcare.




Constantly looking for innovations in health and happy living, the Finnish incubator Vertical helps young trend-setting entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, polishing and launching their products. The industries they specialize in are health and wellness, wearables and smart home devices. With its incredible partners, its program will boost your startup through team work and guidance.


Digital Health Accelerator Hacking Health


Hacking Health is not an incubator in the true sense of the concept, but something that comes very close to the concept. Hacking Health is a social organization of innovators and experts who try to bring innovation and improvement to healthcare. With its branches throughout Europe it offers team work, healthcare experts, office space and a combination of innovative and forwarding ideas. It’s without any doubt one of the most interesting movement of the last years.


Superpartes Incubator Digital Health Europe


Based in Brescia, Italy, Superpartes is one of the biggest Italian incubators. It has proven success in the digital health industry with Checkapp, which offers innovative healthcare solutions born from the combination of biomedical and informatics skills of the team.

7 – H-FARM

Accelerator Programs Europe Digital Health H-Farm Italy


Investing in and accelerating startups, H-Farm makes success possible for the development of small businesses. It helps Italian entrepreneurs to grow and to meet the needs of digital market through the H-Camp, directed to emerging startups which need guidance and support in their earliest stages. In addition to H-Camp they have Corporate Acceleration, a program directed towards established companies which seek changes and improvements.


Incubator Accelerator UK Midlands Digital Health


Located in Birmingham, the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network’s (WMAHSN) mission is to improve healthcare combined with economic growth. Its goal is to create and maintain digital health services with equal access to quality and effective care through team work, technology and life science experts.


Bayer Grants4Apps Berlin Incubator


Grants4app accelerator is a mentoring program for digital health startups based in Berlin. It offers to emerging entrepreneurs the guidance of Bayer experts, office space for 100 days and funding of 50.000 euros. Creativity is a must.


Incubator ecosystem sweden frogleap


With its advanced platform for innovations, Frogleap is an incubator which helps startups to grow in the healthcare industry and to validate their business. It provides deep industry expertise through structured programming, consulting sessions and contacts with potential investors. This final trailblazer in our series of digital health incubators in Europe is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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