we present 5 outstanding digital health thought leaders

5 Outstanding European Digital Health Thought Leaders You Need To Know

Creativity transforms ideas into practice and thought leaders are often catalysts for the working energy. They are like engines that maintain productivity; they guide people and inspire them to realise their full potential. Digital health thought leaders help implement real-life transformations and as Europe plays a major role in the digital health industry worldwide, let’s meet the top five pioneers from Europe that have popularised and revolutionised the new meaning of medicine.

Jeroen Tas & Philips: Traditions Mixed with Innovations

Jeroen Tas is one of the top digital health experts worldwide. In his role as Executive Vice President of Philips (with headquarters in Amsterdam), Tas is among the most influential people in digital health, with experience within healthcare, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Tas has always tried to strengthen the relationship between patients and providers, and by improving the company’s Connected Care platform, he has exceeded patient-centred care. Furthermore, Tas has foreseen the power of big data sets and information and, consequently, he has established a reliable cloud platform: the well-known HealthSuite platform.

Tas was given numerous awards, such as the Dutch CIO of the year 2013 Award, the World Innovation Congress 2014 CIO Leadership Award, and the Accenture 2015 Innovator of the Year award. Not surprisingly, with great leaders like Tas, Philips is one of the most powerful companies in the digital health field.

Natasha Loder & The Economist: The Power of Media

Natasha Loder is another inspiring opinion leader in digital health. Although she’s not a health practitioner or an IT engineer, she plays a crucial role in the digital health field. Simply because sometimes all we need to succeed is to spread the word. Today, media and social channels are powerful partners, and businesses need media support to promote their ideas and products.

With her hard work and powerful words, Loder has inspired many start-up companies and encouraged experts and patients to improve medicine. Originally from England, Loder is a leading healthcare correspondent for The Economist. She focuses on medicine (including reproduction), science, and technology.

Her talent and expertise have helped her win numerous awards in the field of technological innovations and environment. In fact, Loder was chosen by the United Nations Correspondents Association and received an award from the prestigious Prince Albert Foundation. Just read the news and her words will grab your attention!

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Bertalan Mesko | The Medical Futurist

Bertalan Mesko is a Hungarian doctor, speaker, and author. Known as the Medical Futurist, he is among the most influential leaders not only in Europe but across the globe. He promotes the benefits of digital health and technological innovations. In particular, he discusses the future of artificial intelligence. Cyborgization, 3D printing, medical augmented reality: Mesko reveals the challenging perspectives in front of future healthcare solutions.

Furthermore, Mesko brings together patients, doctors, and stakeholders, to discuss and improve digital health, with a focus on physically disabled people and long-term diseases. With his books, presentations and hard work, he has helped entrepreneurs realise their dreams and transform their passion into practical solutions.

Last but not least, Mesko strongly believes in patient-centred care and continues to optimise health trackers and health apps. After all, medical futurists create innovations.

Eugene Burokhovich & Bayer: Ideas Vs. Solutions

Eugene Borukhovich is a significant trailblazer in digital health. As a Global Head of Digital Health and Innovation at Bayer, Borukhovich focuses on consumer health. As we know, the German pharmaceutical company Bayer is one of the biggest chemical manufacturers worldwide.

In fact, Borukhovich is an entrepreneur at Personal Health Solutions, a company that improves science-based technology, with the sole purpose to improve people’s lives. At the same time, he inspires and supports start-up companies in programmes such as Grants4Apps, providing technology solutions across Europe and the rest of the world.

As Borukhovich says, “Ideas are cheap, execution is what matters! I love seeing brilliant minds in the start-up community going beyond the idea on a napkin to real products, real solutions following their passion. Our open innovation initiatives allow us, as Bayer, to share our own experiences with entrepreneurs when it comes to scaling innovation but also learn some important lessons around focus and culture of getting stuff done!”

we introduce 5 digital health thought leaders

digital health thought leaders

Juliet Bauer & NHS England: Real Practice

Juliet Bauer is another important figure within the digital health market whose personal story has inspired her own work. She encourages the integration of technology in real healthcare practice to provide patients with informed and efficient care.

As a Director of Digital Experience – NHS England – Bauer helps people access online services and information, developing new interactive tools and websites. For instance, NHS Choices provides advice on health conditions, including long-term conditions, such as asthma.

What’s more, Bauer is trying to make mHealth and health apps more accessible. She believes that if technology can’t be used widely, ideas and solutions are simply not worth it. In fact, usability is a major concern in mHealth. Bauer proves that practice and real-life solutions matter more than words on paper.

To sum up, creative ideas, technology solutions, and real-life practices should mix in a harmonic entity to improve people’s lives and healthcare services. From authors and speakers to scientists and entrepreneurs, thought leaders make the promises of digital health come true. Most of all, leaders inspire start-up companies, experts, and patients. Because by dreaming and trying, we can make the world a better place. The list of European digital health experts is impressively rich. If you are interested in even more digital health experts make sure to have a look at our feature on female thought leaders in the field of digital health.

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