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5 Leading Digital Health Influencers From The US

Ideas lead to innovations and make the world spin. However, a good idea is never enough to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. Original thoughts and creative visions need to be commercialised. In the field of digital health, ideas need to be transformed into software plans and healthcare practices. To bring ideas and practical solutions together, entrepreneurs often follow digital health influencers to succeed.

The list of digital health influencers and thought leaders is an inspiring net of names, ideas, start-up companies, and practical solutions. It’s hard to say who the top digital health leaders are. Simply because digital health is a growing sector, which fosters business innovations and improves people’s well-being. From San Francisco to Tokyo, and from Stockholm to Auckland – digital health is changing medicine worldwide.

So, let’s have a look at five inspiring names and their unique work.

5 Leading Digital Health Influencers From The US

1. John Nosta & The Power of Words

Words carry a powerful meaning and oratory has always played a crucial role in society. Unsurprisingly, great leaders are often wonderful public speakers. With their words, orators inspire people, fight for meaningful causes, and revolutionise the world.

John Nosta is one of the most influential orators of today’s digital health market. His work presents the impressive perspectives medicine and technology have to offer. Consequently, Nosta tries to transform words and ideas into real-life solutions. His passion and willingness to improve patients’ lives and medical practices make John Nosta one of the most valued digital health influencers in the field of digital health. He draws links between businesses, and helps marketing firms, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical companies embrace changes. By integrating changes into practice, businesses can change history.

With his strong background in science and marketing, John Nosta is a popular scientific thinker and author who’s also a proud member of the Google Health Advisory Board. Last but not least, he is notable as the founder of NostaLab, which is a leading foundation that empowers innovative thinking in digital health.

2. Christina Farr & The Role of Social Media

Words can change history, and so can media channels. Television and the Internet have revolutionised not only technology but have shaped people’s beliefs and values. Not surprisingly, reporters, journalists, writers, and presenters can easily become influencers and advocates of the truth.

Christina Farr is one of the most influential thought leaders in the field of digital health. She is a technology and health reporter for CNBC, San Francisco. Previously, she’s worked as a senior writer at Fast Company, and as an Apple reporter at Reuters News, helping experts and programmers implement Apple ResearchKit into practice.

Most of all, Christina Farr is an award-winning journalist who’s always willing to explore and present the newest trends in bio-tech and health-tech, and help entrepreneurs and users stay on track. Her articles are a wonderful portal into the leading concepts of digital health, such as electronic medical records and health software programmes.

digital health influencers from the US

3. Paul Sonnier & The Fourth Wave

Although social media has proved to be one of the most successful ways to inform people and foster innovations such as digital health recruiting, one thing is for sure: books can’t be replaced by media. Reading can open many doors to alternative worlds and controversial universes. As such, digital health books may change people’s perspectives and medical practices.

Paul Sonnier is an innovative and influential author in the field of digital health. His book, The Fourth Wave: Digital Health – A New Era of Human Progress, for instance, explores engaging topics, covering digital health, genomics, and science. Furthermore, in 2017, Paul became an editor at Innovation & Tech Today, promoting technologies and innovative industries.

Paul Sonnier is a charismatic speaker and an active social entrepreneur who helps businesses accelerate growth and succeed.

4. Lisa Suennen & The Role of Investment

Digital Health influencers not only inspire followers, they walk beside them. Digital health is a competitive market and in order to succeed, start-up companies need counselling, support, and financial help.

Lisa Suennen is among the leaders who help people realise their dreams. She is a Managing Director at GE Ventures, a company that focuses on investments across various fields. Lisa Suennen brings digital health solutions together. From health IT to medical devices, her interests and work trigger real-life changes. In fact, she is involved in numerous digital health projects, including Nasa’s Journey to Mars.

Also, Lisa Suennen is an influential member of the faculty at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, where she helps people understand the truth behind venture capital and healthcare. She writes on healthcare investing topics and as a matter of fact, her book, Tech Tonics, Can Passionate Entrepreneurs Heal Healthcare with Technology (in collaboration with Dr. David Shaywitz), reveals the hidden link between healthcare, technology, and investment.

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5. Halle Tecco & The Power of the Feminine Side

Even the best idea needs some practical help to trigger real-life changes. As mentioned above, funding is crucial for start-ups in the field of digital health. Luckily, there are services that support start-up firms in health technology. Rock Health is an incubator that helps people bring their dreams into the world.

Its founder, Halle Tecco, is among the most influential thought leaders in digital health. She defines herself as a “matchmaker” for health technology companies. In fact, Tecco was named “One of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs” by the finance giant, Goldman Sachs.

Most of all, Tecco is highly involved in closing the gender gap in digital health; she supports gender diversity, equality and women leaders in digital health.

Bottom Line

As we can see, influencers can use many tools: the power of their words, the creativity of their pen, and personal success. Do not forget that all leaders have started from zero and have never stopped believing in their ideas. So, never forget your dreams, and strive to become a leader.

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