we interviewed CEO of Lyfepond about the future of healthcare

Digital Health Champions: Disrupting the biggest industry in the world

If you suffer from a medical condition, you might know the feeling of wanting to connect with others in the same situation, getting professional advice and keeping up to date on the latest news in terms of medical advances. The team behind Lyfepond recognized this need and developed a one-stop-solution. With Lyfepond’s CEO Andreas Silow we talked about the state of healthcare.

Get to know Lyfepond

Please introduce yourself briefly. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Andreas Silow, CEO of Lyfepond, the new integrator on the emerging mHealth market.

What is the unique appeal of the company you lead? How do you isolate yourself from the competitors of your industry?

We are the first true integrators on this emerging market, a really interesting position. It’s when you integrate the new opportunities that develop on the market, that true value for customers originates.

How is your core team composed? 

My team consists of leading experts within healthcare, media, IT, healthcare IT, the markets, and e-commerce. My advisory board consists of leading key opinion leaders in a wide range of businesses and politics.

What was your biggest professional challenge so far?

Placing Stockholm on the map as the Global IT Capital in the late 90’s.

To what extent do you interact across the world and how important are international markets for your company?

Since July 1st, we have been part of the global media corporation Bonnier, with activities in some 15 markets in Europe, US, and Australia. Bonnier’s global presence was one crucial factor when we decided to join forces with them.


On the appeal of Digital Health

Why Digital Health and what was your pathway into the field?

I’ve been working with the transformation of several industries, taking them from industrial paradigm to post-industrial; banking & finance, real-estate, insurance, and media. After disrupting the media industry from 2005 thru 2013, I saw the last big industry that hadn’t taken the step into the post-industrial era: healthcare and life-science.

As a fact, the industry has not even taken the step into the industrial age. It is pre-industrial, very feudal in both culture, organization, and education, not to mention technique-wise. So, I saw a really great opportunity in making a huge difference in this sector.

Why is now the time to start the work in the field of Digital Health?

Healthcare/life-science is the last industry to step into the post-industrial era. All relevant signs point out that this is the next industry to take the step, and that the time is now.

How do you perceive the current labour market situation of the digital health industry in general, and how does it modify the demand for employees in your company at the moment?

Huge demand for skilled people with experience from other industries.

Which game-changing product can we look forward to?

The whole concept of healthcare will be totally transformed, so there is no use in mentioning solitary products.

Where do you see major and minor problems of the occupational field of the digital health sector and what countermeasures would you suggest?

There is a huge problem with extremely poor education in the health sector, including IT, based on totally out-dated culture and structures. Therefore, graduates from leading healthcare universities, such as Karolinska institutet (KI) in Stockholm, are valueless, doing more harm than good.

we asked an expert about digital health challenges

Your motivation to change healthcare

Other than profit, why do you and your colleagues do what you do?

The time has come to disrupt this industry.

What was the tipping point that convinced your last 10 hires to join the company? Are these reasons prominently featured in your recruiting marketing messaging?

We are the guys disrupting this industry with a trustworthy concept. Yep on last Q.

What are the three greatest factors in growing employee motivation? Are employees amplifying them through social media?

The key factor is to be a part of the digitization of the world’s biggest industry, with turn-over of some 15% of GWP (global GDP).

On the success story of Lyfepond

What is your success story about?

Putting together cutting-edge competencies from a wide range of key success areas; media, healthcare, IT, e-commerce, with a strong commitment to making the difference in this sector.

What challenges in your business or industry influenced you to look for a solution?

As mentioned above, disrupting the last and biggest industry in the world.

What is your secret of success? 

The combination of competencies together with a strong, integrating concept based on deep knowledge in driving industry transition.

What tip can you give other startups?

Be persistent, and, the devil is in the details!

an expert's opinion on career opportunities in digital health

Job opportunities and getting started in digital health

What can your company offer that other employers cannot?

The strong commitment and superior knowledge environment.

What career opportunities are currently given in the digital health sector and how will these change in your opinion?

As mentioned above, great career opportunities for those with knowledge of the sector and background from other industries.

What is the most important thing to know about digital health, to work in this field?

It’s old, poor and in need of big change!

What is important in a job application at the digital health sector? What are the differences to job applications compared to other jobs?

How can I make a change?

How important are foreign experience and international communications skills to you in the digital health sector? 

Important, but not crucial, depending on what position you have.

Which basic qualifications should an employee fulfil to get employed at your company? What are basic requirements to getting started?

Totally dependent on what position we are talking about, but we are always looking for stars!

Andreas, thank you very much for this interview!


Andreas Silow CEO of Lyfepond

Andreas Silow, CEO of Lyfepond


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