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Digital Health Champions: Eureka Apps, making help simple

Eureka apps is a company specialised in IOS development. Founder and CEO Juan Sebastián Landy Ríos chose to go into Digital Health because of the potential to help many people with “a little bit of technology”. We met Juan at the Health 2.0 Conference in Barcelona and asked him about his vision, his pathway into the field and about setting up his own company.

Could you briefly introduce yourself? Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Juan Sebastián Landy Ríos, 28 years old from Ecuador, iOS Developer, CEO & founder of “eureka apps“. At the moment I am studying a Smart Healthcare Master degree in Girona, Spain.

Why Digital Health and what was your pathway into the field? How did you get the idea to develop an Alzheimer App?

I chose Digital Health because it’s a field where I think developers can help a lot of people with a little bit of technology. That’s what I learned when I developed an app for Alzheimer patients in early stages for my Software Engineer degree.

I had the initial idea when I noticed that Alzheimer patients in early stages cannot walk alone in the street anymore because they forget the address of their homes.

we interviewed the founder of eureka apps

What was the biggest challenge in developing a Digital Health App?

The hardest part developing is understanding the real problem of the patient, who will use the app. This is where technologists and medical researchers should concentrate their talent.

What was your biggest professional success so far?

By now, my biggest professional success is the opportunity of studying a Smart Healthcare degree at the University of Girona, where I am learning how to improve medical research through technology: Bigdata, Machine Learning, Wearables, etc.

What drives you to continually advance your company?

The continuous innovation in eHealth through technology.

Do you plan on being active in the domain of Digital Health in the future?

Yes, we can see a big potential in health with the use of wearables. This is why I am now working on my final project using an Apple Watch and ResearchKit to improve medical research.

we asked about the challenges for Alzheimer's patients

Seemingly simple tasks like navigating close to home can be an obstacle to Alzheimer’s patients.

Which Digital Health development so far do you consider the most remarkable?

I think the possibility to use Smartphones and Wearables to improve our health is remarkable. If we can measure our health records then we can improve it.

Which will be game-changing aspects in Digital Health?

Big Data and Machine Learning.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge in the field of Digital Health?

Make digital health accessible to people in poor countries through cheaper products.

How is Digital Health going to change our lives and society in 5‚ 10 and 25 years?

With digital medical records, in coming years we can improve the medication dosages for every patient according to exact necessity.

What would you change in the area of Digital Health if you could?

The resistance to change. Some medical groups don’t seem like to improve medical health with the use of technology.

we talked about technical solutions to health problems

Technical solutions to health problems are still being opposed by some parties.

What advice would you give graduates who want to join the Digital Health industry or a Digital Health start-up?

Try to understand the real need of patients and develop a solution that is easy to use and solve their problems.

What are your top 3 key experiences from establishing your own company, eureka apps?

  • You should “move fast and break things“
  • You should love to work more than 8 hours each day, and weekends, and holidays…
  • You will learn more than you learned in University.

Which three qualities should an ideal candidate have?

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Love what you do

Many thanks for this interview and all the best for the future!

Juan Landy

Juan Landy, Founder & CEO of eureka apps

eureka apps was founded by Juan Sebastián Landy Ríos. Juan is an IOS Developer who is finishing his master’s degree in at the University of Girona at the moment.

Apart from the App for early stage Alzheimer’s patients he has developed many more projects. In the future, he intends to be active in the area of Digital Health applications.


Juan Sebastián Landy Ríos on LinkedIn

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