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Europe’s Emerging Digital Health Industry: Focus on the Baltics

You probably know and use Skype – one of the first, and now major, audio-visual teleconnection solution in use worldwide? This ground-breaking company was founded in 2003 by Estonians. There are a lot of interesting digital innovations and startups stemming from the Baltic states, including some at the forefront of digital healthcare. Some experts even say that the startups in the field of digital health in the Baltics are among the most forward thinking industry trailblazers worldwide. In another edition of our ongoing portrait series of national digital health pioneers, we present just a few of them.

Digital Health pioneers in Latvia

Logo DATAMED digital health company latviaDataMed

DataMed is a cloud-based service provider in Latvia. Their services connect telemedicine, healthcare software developers and health IS providers.

They innovate the mainstream way of connecting medical devices to information systems, archives, databases, and provide manufacturer-neutral solutions. This helps integrate a variety of medical systems – from departments like radiology, laboratory, functional diagnostics, ECG, etc.

Founded: 2006
Founders: Normunds Ančupāns (you can still read our interview with the DataMed CEO online)
Category: healthcare software
Headquarters: Jūrmala, Latvia


Medcub is an innovative company that provides radiology services via the internet to hospitals and doctors. All you have to do is to upload your image.

Depending on your image, they then will choose appropriate doctor to exam it (i.e., MRI radiologist, neuroradiologist, paediatric radiologist). Trained specialists are available 24/7!

Founded: 2014
Category: healthcare service
Headquarters: Rīga, Latvia


Speech therapists are overbooked and the price is increasing. Demand for them grows by 19% higher than the supply. CheeksUp offers an innovation for automated speech and face muscle training for children.

It is a software for therapy at home with a reward system and robotic toy. It can also be helpful for adult patients after cerebral infarction.

Founded: 2015
Founders: Ilze Zaharāne
Category: healthcare software
Headquarters: Rīga, Latvia

Digital Health pioneers in Estonia


The country of Estonia has been described as the posterboy for digital transformation, especially in regards to digital health in the Baltics. DigiMist is an application for first responders who meet the trauma patient with the idea to record and transmit data about the patient’s status and injuries. Until now, this was registered only in paper format, but now it can easily be sent from tablet devices to hospitals in a few seconds.

This can build up to a big advantage in a number of situations, from civil to military purposes.

Founded: 2013
Founders: Rauno Viitmann
Category: healthcare application
Headquarters: Estonia


When it comes to innovations and reach in the field of digital health in the Baltics, Cognuse has recently become a global player.

The company develops and distributes new evaluation and recovery solutions for brain injury patients, which have been accepted to the Dreamlt Health business accelerator in Baltimore, USA. Their system also provides reminders for patients and patient performance status updates to doctors.

Founded: 2011
Founders: Andres Mellik
Category: healthcare application, system
Headquarters: Estonia, afterwards – San Diego, CA, US

Digital Health pioneers in Lithuania

Place I Live Digital health in the BalticsPlaceilive 

Place I Live is a location-based platform, created to provide deep information insights and updates for those interested in local neighbourhoods. You can view information about safety, transportation, leisure and more on maps with street view and address lists. This innovative solution will thus playfully help you find a (new) home in the vicinity of your dream gym, train station, or dentist.

Before you move to a city, you can thus improve your life quality (and arguably, future health) by making a reliable, big data, cloud-based decision where to live. At the moment, analyses are available for metropolitan areas like Chicago, Berlin, San Francisco, London and New York. More cities will follow soon.

Founded: 2012
Category: digital platform
Headquarters: Vilnius, Lithuania



Softneta is an award winning Lithuanian IT company providing software-based specialized health care solutions to improve the quality of patient care, thus reducing healthcare costs and improving the quality of patient care.

Their products include picture archiving and communication system (PACS), Web Dicom viewers, report modules, ECG and video, etc.

Founded: 2007
Founders: Tomas Dumbliauskas, Vytautas Baublys
Category: digital health software
Headquarters: Kaunas, Lithuania

Digital Health in the Baltics: A startup outlook for 2016

Even more digital innovations can be expected to spring from the Baltic region, soon. Starting 2016, Vilnius will witness the opening of a giant tech park, the biggest start-up and game developing centre in the Baltic area. Vilnius Tech Park will be an 8,000 square meter wide innovation accelerator, and consist of start-up offices, co-working spaces, café, hostel and even recreational areas.

Digital Innovation Europe Techpark

Image: Vilnius Tech Park

It will be a place for breath-taking innovative ideas, paving the way for a slew of digital innovations, including healthcare, and thus a spring board for the next generations of digital founders. Maybe this new accelerator in the Baltics will even become the birthplace of another world-changing innovation like Skype.

It seems apparent that digital health in the Baltics is entering the innovation fastlane in Europe.

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