we introduce outstanding female thought leaders in digital health

Outstanding Female Thought Leaders in Digital Health

Although people joke that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, we all are living on planet Earth. Everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities. The truth is, however, that stereotypes, prejudices, and double standards still rule today’s society, and the digital health industry is no exception. However, there is a glimmer of hope.

Gender inequality has always been a social phenomenon. No right to vote, no right to work, no right to study: the list of unequal practices against women throughout the years goes on and on. Although the social status of women has improved significantly, women’s rights are still being violated. Sadly enough – even in this tech-driven world – sexism still exists. Even educated, motivated, and experienced females still fight sexist practices to succeed in the digital health world. And they do succeed.

Women & Health

With today’s consumer-centered model in medicine and research, data reveals that women are the leading healthcare decision makers. From the UK to Japan, 94% of women (regardless of their marital status) make decisions for themselves, and 59% for others (with 94% of working mothers making decisions for others). On top of that, 75% of the healthcare workforce consists of women, and medical students are mainly young women.

However, a study shows that when it comes to businesses and leadership, women are underrepresented and paid less for the same amount of work. To be more precise, figures show that only 34% of executives at Top 100 hospitals were women. Additionally, a study conducted by Rock Health revealed that only 6% of digital health CEOs were women.

Women in Digital Health

Nevertheless, with the increasing role of technical innovations, traditional mentality and stereotypes seem to have faded. As a result, the digital health sector is becoming one of the leading arenas where women can prove their expertise and abilities.

What’s more, women play a huge role in the improvement of the digital health field and its challenges. In fact, [email protected], who support digital health start-up companies, show that 42% of their partners were founded or co-founded by women.

we present a list of outstanding female digital health thought leaders

Female Thought Leaders & Digital Health

As stated above, females are the leading healthcare decision makers and form a huge percentage of the healthcare workforce. At the same time, women are slowly closing the gender gap, taking leadership and executive positions in the digital health market, and opening the industry to partnerships and open talent marketplaces.

In fact, women are becoming the most valued thought leaders in the healthcare industry, contributing new ideas and profitable solutions. Data shows that increasing the number of women in corporate leadership positions (such as C-suite positions), from 0% to a 30% female share, leads to a 1%-point increase in profits.

Female Thought Leaders: 5 Digital Health Success Stories

There are many female leaders that have shaped the future of digital health. All of them have one thing in common: they are CEOs of digital health companies that have introduced innovations and built foundations of trust. Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Nancy Briefs

Nancy Briefs is one of the most influential female leaders in the digital health market. She is the leading creator of InfoBionic Inc., headquartered in Lowell, MA. The system gives physicians the unique chance to monitor patients remotely and the MoMe Kardia feature allows experts to track ECG data in real time. As telehealth and remote monitoring are main aspects of digital health, Nancy Briefs has become one of the innovators that have helped digital health move forward and become an integrated part of the healthcare system worldwide.

2. Sheila Lirio Marcelo

Sheila Lirio Marcelo is another female leader whose name brings associations of success. In fact, she’s named one of the 10 most powerful women in the tech industry. That’s not surprising as Sheila Lirio Marcelo is the co-founder and CEO of Care.com, which is one of the largest online care platforms in the world. As accessible online support and services are a must in our tech-based society, platforms such as Care.com can help elderly people, physically challenged individuals, and families living in remote areas, get the treatment they need.

3. Janet Kosloff

Janet Kosloff, a CEO & Co-Founder of InCrowd, is another female innovator who tackles a crucial aspect in the digital health field: market research. The InCrowd system incorporates real-time feedback from healthcare professionals, facilitating data collection, further audits, and remote access. The dynamic and competitive nature of the industry can only benefit from such innovations.

we present women in digital health one needs to know

4. Divya Dhar

Divya Dhar is also an influential name in the field. Dhar is the co-founder of Seratis, which enables transparent healthcare coordination and messaging methods. As safety and transparency of data are crucial aspects in the digital health sector, Dhar and her ideas have shaped the future of multi-center and global research.

5. Gena Cook

Gena Cook is another name on our list of influential female leaders in the digital health field. Her ideas are oriented towards a specific group in the medical sector: cancer patients. Gena Cook is a co-founder and CEO of Navigating Cancer, which provides free resources and help to cancer patients. In fact, Navigating Cancer can be used by oncology providers worldwide.

6. Nikita Verani

Nikita Verani is another thought leader who has also focused on a specific group. Her efforts and ideas empower patients worldwide, including children. Nikita Verani is the creator of Wizdy, which is a platform that engages people in self-education through health-related games. As virtual training and prevention are vital domains in the digital health sector, platforms such as Wizdy can increase end-user’s motivation and engagement.

7. Nataly Kogan

Nataly Kogan is another female thought leader who has changed the digital health industry. She showed the world that happiness is a core element of health. Her software platform Happier offers an app that focuses on people’s emotional well-being. That’s not surprising, though; physical and emotional health go hand in hand.

In conclusion, the digital health market can help women get the place they deserve in the business world and prove that gender doesn’t determine success.

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