A List of 10 Books for Digital Health Enthusiasts

Top 10 Books For Digital Health Enthusiasts

The digital revolution has changed life as we know it, and the traditional lines between human and machine are becoming more and more blurry. Granted, this is mostly being fleshed out in new and exciting ways, and the uncertainty of the future leaves room for innovation and entrepreneurship to reach new heights. The field of Digital Health also finds itself in the mix of these fields benefitting from the new wave of technological advances, and if you’re looking to expand your depth of knowledge related to the field of Digital Health, and to get a leg up in a career change, we’ve got you covered with the 10 best books on digital health!

Digital Health is the broad term that refers to the merging of traditional healthcare with modern technology. It involves everything from genomics to fitness and X-Ray machines while utilizing advances in the technological sector through fields like Big Data and software programming. Needless to say, it’s a large and diverse field, so our selection of books encompasses different genres such as textbooks and guides, and includes a variety of topics within the larger umbrella of Digital Health.

1. The Industries of the Future

This book by Alec Ross is a pretty straightforward and easy read. It encompasses the digital revolution and its impact on the future, in 6 chapters and just under 300 pages. Ross’s experience as an advisor to the Secretary of State, as well as his travels, has given him a wide scope of experience in the world, and as such provides him with a wealth of stories and analytical insights. He offers the reader a realistic look at the current economic trends and outlooks we’re seeing in the world today. This book lays a great foundation for the practical basis and implications of the digital revolution and how it affects various fields, such as the Digital Health sector.

2. The Fourth Wave: Digital Health

I’d venture to label this book, by Paul Sonnier, as the Bible of Digital Health. Sonnier is a leading thinker and forerunner behind today’s body of Digital Health knowledge, and as such his book is a key addition to the library of anyone who wants to be involved in the field. Sonnier’s 111-page book features insights into Digital Health that everyone from business people and scientists, to government officials, would greatly benefit from.

3. Digital Healthcare: The Essential Guide

As its name suggests, this book takes the basic concepts involved in Digital Healthcare and outlines their practical implications. We all know that effective use of technology can essentially improve service in terms of quality and affordability. This book authored by Ruth Chambers, Marc Schmid, and Jayne Birch-Jones, seeks to explore how technologies within Digital Health achieve this.

10 books to introduce you to digital health

4. The Digital Doctor

In The Digital Doctor, award-winning author Robert Wachter provides a sobering examination of the dark side of the technological revolution in medicine. Wachter provides a collection of stories, often detailing instances where technology failed to provide safe and effective healthcare, and how such failures can be remedied by a better application of pristine technology. This book of 352 pages is a must-read for healthcare providers and patients alike, as it provides needed reminders and examples of the gravity and care needed within the healthcare industry.

5. Healthcare Disrupted: Next Generation Business Models and Strategies

Authors Jeff Elton and Anne O’Riordan know that technological innovation means the realm of healthcare now evolves and changes faster than ever. They utilize 288 pages of stories and rhetorical questions to provide thoughtful insights to innovators and entrepreneurs within the healthcare industry. As such, this book is extremely valuable to those seeking to engage Digital Health from the business side.

6. Biocode: The New Age of Genomics

Genomics essentially refers to the science behind reading and mapping DNA. Paul Sonnier (author of The Fourth Wave listed above) identified genomics as one of the key fields and components within Digital Health. This book, by Dawn Field and Neil Davis, both outlines the recent developments in genomics as well as leads the reader to think creatively and imaginatively as to how this field and technology merge together to affect our future.

7. Communicative Biocapitalism

For those curious to examine the sociological and cultural ramifications of the Digital Health industry, author Olivia Banner has you covered in just under 250 pages. This book examines how Digital Health has shifted the focus in healthcare to the voice of the patient. However, such a concept may come with underlying assumptions we’ve all too easily overlooked.

top 10 books on digital health

8. Digital Health: Scaling Healthcare to the World

In this new 370-page book, authors Homero Rivas and Katarzyna Wac outline emerging trends and technologies in the digital health field, especially those centering on mobile health and wearable devices. This book is reasonably scholarly and textbook-like, but it provides exceptional quality of information and research for any digital health practitioner.

9. Healthcare Informatics: Improving Efficiency through Technology, Analytics, and Management

While most of the previous books have been dealing with digital health trends and technologies, this one deals with some of the nuts and bolts of the field as a whole, namely, how information technology applies to the field. Advances in data science have great potential for altering the healthcare industry, and author Stephan Kudyba approaches this topic head on in 415 pages. He equips and inspires the reader to contemplate how information technology can enhance their role in the healthcare sector.

10. How to Build a Billion Dollar App

Have an idea of how to harness the revolutionary advances in Digital Health but aren’t sure where to start? It goes without saying that a huge component of digitalization in today’s society revolves around effective use and distribution of mobile apps, and Digital Health is no different. This 465-page book by George Berkowski serves as the beginner’s guide to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and physicians alike, as to how you could take a great Digital Health concept and transform it into a useful app.

In Summary

The Digital Health field is vast and exciting, and the wealth of information and new ideas are only really just getting started. The above books serve as a great launching point for potential Digital Health entrepreneurs, practitioners, and innovators, thinking about how to engage in the Digital Health field in meaningful and exciting ways.

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